Anita Bhat

Program Director - Aritra

Anita completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from St. Josephs College of Business Administration in Bangalore.  She has over 27 years of work experience across the corporate and social sectors.  Her areas of expertise include various aspects of HR including recruitment, induction, training, reward and recognition, retention, performance management and compensation and benefits.

Anita started her career in a senior secretarial role in Brooke Bond India Limited and was also fortunate to be a part of the company’s transition from Brooke Bond India Limited to Brooke Bond Lipton India Limited and finally to Hindustan Unilever Ltd., a time when she had the opportunity to work with Directors across various business verticals across the company.

In 2001 she jumped off the secretarial bandwagon at Hindustan Unilever Limited into the deep end of managing the company’s Business Leadership Programme – a 12 to 18 month training period for the newly recruited candidates from the various prestigious business schools of the country.  Her responsibilities here included aligning the program implementation to HUL-BLP guidelines and ensuring successful completion of training stints for each trainee across different functional streams within the organization – both core and non-core.   It called for a high degree of planning, scheduling and monitoring each trainee’s program, including building in the coaching and mentoring modules.

After a satisfying six years, Anita moved on to Unilever India Shared Services Ltd. (Indigo) – the captive business outsourcing division of Unilever.  This was a core HR business partner role which included recruitment, induction, training, performance management, employee engagement and the entire employee life cycle.   Capgemini Business Services India Limited acquired Unilever India Shared Services Ltd. (Indigo) in 2007 and Anita continued in the HR function, helping the transition process and aligning the erstwhile Indigo into the HR practices of the new parent company.  Anita then decided to shift gears and moved to the Business Support role for one of the largest teams, which comprised a hundred Chartered Accountants.  The job here called for a lot more than experience – it called for being sensitive to complex, cross-cultural environments.  It was a combination of an HR and project management role.

In 2013, Anita crossed over to the social sector and started volunteering with the Association of People with Disability (APD) initially contributing in areas that had resource gaps.   In 2014 she moved to APD’s Senior Management Team (SMT) to head the HR department.  She has served on the Board of APD and continues as a Senior Volunteer.


In 2017 Anita joined Phicus as Program Director and is part of the Aritra team.

Anita enjoys a spot of gardening during her free time and thrives on a morning jog and yoga.

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