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Phicus Leadership Capacity Building
Case Study
Aritra Batch of 2018 - 19

Aritra is am intensive12-month leadership journey that mid to senior leaders in the Social Sector traverse while they continue to work in full time jobs.  The Program aims to accelerate these leaders' movement into senior leadership roles.  Aritra equips its Fellows with key organization building skills and perspectives that will help them drive impactful policies, build strong organizations and create a resilient, collaborative network of influence.

Aritra's first cohort (Batch of 2017-18) has just graduated and the second cohort comprising 22 participants is currently underway. 

Participants apply for the program and go through a selection process based on which a cohort of 20 - 22 people are carefully chosen.  These participants go through a 12-month, multi-pronged development program which includes residential modules at IIM Bangalore, coaching, mentoring, MOOCs, action learning projects, networking sessions and assessment tools.

The program is underpinned by a three-pronged competency framework which covers cause, organizational and personal leadership dimensions.

In the Social sector, there is a serious shortage of relevant and skilled talent at all levels. At the root of the problem is inadequate talent entering the sector. Project based work leading to discontinuous tenures further complicates talent development. Finally, deeply operational roles even at senior levels exacerbates the issue since it does not allow for the leadership bandwidth that is required to groom the next level of leaders from within. Over the years, this has resulted in an impoverished leadership pipeline in the social sector.

Phicus did extensive secondary and primary research, leveraging principles of human centered design thinking in order to understand the talent gap in India’s social sector better as well as key leadership success factors.  All this research pointed clearly to the critical need to first address the senior leader deficit.  This led to the birth of ARITRA – A Leadership Accelerator Program that aims to groom high potential talent in the sector to help fast track their growth and create a 100 senior leaders who will serve as microcosms of sustained impact.

While it is early to measure program impact, an end-of-program feedback process indicates that participants have benefited greatly from the program and believe that they have 'leap-frogged' in their careers and professional journeys.  The components they found most valuable were the IIMB residential modules, the one on one coaching by the Phicus coaches and the MOOCs.  The Aritra Fellows continue to draw richly from the immense network of peers and Subject Matter experts, faculty and mentors they have been able to connect with through the Program.  It is testimony to the perceived benefit of the program that 60% of Batch 2 have been referrals / recommendations from Batch 1 Fellows!

My horizons have been expanded.
Aritra has made me a Leader and a Manager
I am now connecting the dots in the sector.
My Sahayogi (Phicus coach) has been my Rock!

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