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Agriculture, Disability, STEM Education



Program Audit and Evaluation of the University Connect Program


EnAble India works for the employability and employment of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and provides holistic solutions and services to companies who employ the disabled.  The University Connect Program was launched in 2014-2015, and creates career awareness among college students with disabilities and provides them with the necessary training to achieve their goals and embark on the path of economic independence.  In 2018, EnAble India wished to take stock of the program by tracking program performance vis-à-vis performance benchmarks.


Take stock of activities undertaken over the grant period


Program Audit

  •  Understanding program context and creating a log framework for each program component to track progress towards achievement of target indicators

  • Stock taking of activities undertaken over the grant period (activities proposed vs. done)

  • Review relevant activities’ data, to ascertain whether the performance benchmarks had been met

  • Provide intelligence (data analysis to highlight key statistics and trends) for each Program component

  • Delineate high-level insights as to whether the Program is moving towards and/or has met its intended objectives


Rapid Assessment of STEM Books

Understanding User Experience and Learning Outcomes


Realizing the potential of learning and teaching STEM through story-books, Pratham Books developed a set of twenty-five STEM picture-books to help demystify STEM, spark curiosity and engagement and help children retain, recall and apply (to a lesser degree) foundational concepts.  Pratham Books wished to undertake a rapid assessment of three books out of the twenty-five in a few schools in Gurugram, Haryana.  All the books dealt with basic concepts in mathematics and targeted students in Grade V, VI and VII.



1. Framework & plan to assess the books

2. Capture changes in recall, retention and application of concepts

3. Strategies for the future


Assessment & Deployment blueprints

  • Secondary research: Mathematics learning & storytelling; cognitive development.

  • Based on this, development of hypothesis to be tested as part of the assessment.

  • Development of a test to capture baseline & endline knowledge on concepts espoused in the books.

  • Development of a schedule & manual to introduce the books to the students.

Data analysis

  • Analysis of baseline and endline scores on the test, to capture changes in factual knowledge and application-based questions

  • Analysis of information on readability, content and language garnered from facilitators and students


  • *Comparison of hypothesis with findings from the ground

  • *Identification of success factors and gap areas

  • *Recommendations for closing the gaps and scale/replication



Impact Assessment of Agri Business Centers (ABCs) in Andhra Pradesh


ITC Limited, set up the Agri-Business Division, and since 2000 has focused on improving productivity of crops while deepening the relationship with the farming community. One such channel to meet this purpose has been the setting up of Agri-Business Centres (ABCs), which provides a host of services to member farmers. ITC Limited wished to measure impact of services provided by the ABCs on agricultural production and productivity.


1. Assess performance of ABCs as an institution

2. Measure incremental gains in production and productivity


Organizational performance

Interviews with Management Committee members of the ABCs, FGDs and surveys with member farmers to understand: (a) administration and governance aspects, (b) organisation structure and leadership and (c) financial management

ANCOVA model

  • Sample identification in the two districts: 18 ABCs (based on number of services provided) in villages and member farmers (based on land-holding size)

  • Selection of ‘control’ (non-ABC member) farmers in the same village using propensity score matching

  • Calculation of difference in average input costs, production & productivity for all crops for (a) project farmers pre and post ABC membership and (b) between ‘project’ and ‘control’ farmers

  • Identification of success factors; strategies for fortifying the program

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