Phicus Building Bridges Case Study

Our client is a for profit entity which manufactures luxury lifestyle goods.  The organization is also known for the work it does in empowering communities and it's involvement in and commitment to it's corporate social responsibility.

The organization conducts an 18-month leadership development program for their senior top talent leaders.  As a part of the program, they wanted to expose their leaders to an out of context learning experience in the social sector.  Phicus entered into an engagement with the organization to design and deliver the out of context learning experience, which was a social immersion in non-profit organizations that were supported by the corporate. 

Phicus collaborated with the Corporate client to identify non-profit organizations supported by them.  Through an initial visit to these NGOs, Phicus understood details of the domain and the organization challenges.  NGO details and their challenges, landscape of the sector, harsh realities in the communities were highlighted through videos and case studies to help leaders get oriented to the sector before the workshop.

Phicus designed and conducted Social Immersion workshops for 120 key leaders in the organization.  The program had components of field visits, interaction with the communities, understanding the social sector, understanding the challenges of the NGO and providing solutions for a few challenges articulated by the NGO.

The social immersion translated into a few leaders committing their time as volunteers to work with the NGO to address a few challenges they are grappling with.

Participants have rated the program very highly with several of them going as far as to say that this has been amongst the most impactful leadership development interventions that they have experienced.  They have reported a positive difference in terms of how they now engage with their own clients, handle resource issues and are pushing the bar on innovative solutions.

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