Phicus Organization Capacity Building Case Study


FAME India Group is an organization that specializes in the domain of Neuro-Developmental Disabilities (NDD) in Karnataka. The organization caters to people with NDD starting from 6 months to 60 years through various interventions. FAME runs a special school for children to help them learn life skills; a respite care for severely disabled adults; a vocation centre for adults; an outreach program in about 5 villages around Bangalore and an Academy that trains special educators and parents on working with persons with NDD.

The organization had been in existence for 17 years, at the time Phicus was approached. The Board of Trustees were going through a transition phase at that time. The new managing trustee wanted to get a good understanding of the organization before re-crafting the vision and priorities for the various entities in the organization.

The assignment was delivered in four parts:

  • Secondary research to understand the NDD domain, other organizations working in this domain, their model, future landscape, government schemes and vocational opportunities to provide additional information to craft out strategic priorities

  • Organizational assessment to review the health of the 5 different entities across various parameters critical to build organizations

  • Worked with the board of trustees and the management team to help them craft out the vision, values, strategic priorities for the next 5 years

  • Supported in implementation of a few strategic priorities around new initiatives that the organization wanted to pursue

The organization is steadily making progress towards its vision.  The operating plan is on track.  Leaders have been hired for all critical roles.

Phicus continues to support the managing trustee and founder trustee on a regular basis to take decisions around strategic and people/ leadership related areas in the organization.

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