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Funder Portfolio Review Case Study

The  Civil Society Strengthening (CSS) Unit of the Tata Trusts invests in capacity building of organisations for impact and sustainability.  A key program is the Fellowship Grants Program that builds new talent pools for civil society work and the leadership capacities of entrepreneurs/grassroots leaders.  The CSS team felt the need to take a strategic pause and take stock of the Grants Program and the vertical's mandate.  For this, the team selected a total of nine Fellowships (among others) for the Portfolio Review exercise.


1. Framework to analyze Fellowships

2. Understand performance of the Fellowships


Portfolio and grantee review

  • Rationale, genesis, vision/mission of the Grants Program & CSS Unit

  • Developing CSS’ Theory of Change and KPIs through secondary research,  stakeholder consultations and iterations with the CSS team

Fellowship stock taking

  • Documentation review to develop individual log frameworks to track progress over grant durations

  • Primary data collection with grantee organisations to benchmark performance against set KPIs

  • Comparing progress on the ground with KPIs

3. Revisit CSS portfolio and mandate

Strategy & Roadmap

  • Recommendations for continuing/fortifying Fellowships

  • Rearticulating role & ToC of Fellowships as a means of furthering the vision of CSS

  • Going forward strategy for CSS aligned with the vision of the Trust