Phicus Organization Capacity Building Case Study
Arivu - Disha

Headstreams is a not-for-profit organization in Bengaluru, India working towards bringing positive change in society, using play as their core area to promote psychological well-being of different stakeholders.  Headstreams’ flagship programme, Arivu-Disha, is a play based English learning, digital literacy and life skills programme for school children in Karnataka.

The organization had been around for 7 plus years, at the time Phicus was approached. With small pockets of work in a few locations in and around Bangalore, across livelihoods and education, a large corporate CSR funder was keen to support the organization, provided they demonstrated capability to design and implement a substantial program. Phicus entered into an engagement with Headstreams to help them with all aspects of organization and program capacity building.

Phicus’ collaboration with Headstreams commenced in year 1, to help the organization in building out its vision and road-map.  Post the visioning exercise, Phicus played a key role in setting up the organization for scale and in the program design, set up and implementation viz. project resourcing, budgeting, project management, reporting, research and communication.

In year 1 of the engagement, Phicus was hands-on, working very closely with the senior team members and other program staff; to the extent that, Phicus was their outsourced partner for Research and Communication and Project management for Year 1.


In year 2 of the engagement, the program had stabilized and their  Batch 2 of the program was all set up for rollout.  We hired a Program Manager for the project, transitioned and continued to supervise her for 6 months.  During this period, we continued to anchor monitoring, reporting and communication and the coaching of the two senior leaders continued.  At the end of this period, we transitioned the full-time Research, Communication and M&E person to move into the organization.


In addition to the above, during the course of the Headstreams program, Phicus conducted one mid-point stock taking exercise of the program in Year 1 and completed a formal mid-term evaluation to ascertain program outcomes in year 2 of the program.

The Arivu –Disha programme was impacting 2000 students in at the start of the Phicus engagement. In the first academic year, the program reached out to over 4000 students in 30 schools of Karnataka, including Bengaluru, Hosakote and Kolar. The programme has also grown in terms of its team size – from 6 in 2014 to a team of 50 in 2.5 years.

The Donor heralds this Program as one of their flagship investments and it has garnered significant attention amongst key players in the Education space owing to innovations in terms of digital leverage, “play in a box” and other exciting design innovations.

The organization has been able to take forward its plans independently, post the Phicus engagement.

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