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Has our vision/core purpose changed / expanded? How do we envision the next 3 - 5 years for our organization? Do we have the right systems and processes and talent in place to enable growth? 
Most organizations in the Social Sector have evolved and grown organically.  There comes a point in their growth trajectories when there is a need to re-evaluate, recraft, re-envision... We support organizations through this critical journey, anchored by the spirit of co-discovery and co-creation.


The starting point of our organization solutions is a Mapping of the 'health' of the organization's key systems and processes to determine growth readiness.  The tool covers 13 key areas including Vision, Strategy, Financial Mgt, Program Mgt, Governance, etc. 

Our process:

  • Feedback from the Board, key Leaders and Partners (online / offline through discussions)

  • Structured interviews of key leaders by Phicus

  • Review of relevant documentation

  • Phicus Organization Health Map Report with recommendations


Organizations need to periodically review their vision, strategy and plans to ensure these are current, aligned to each other and fulfilling the greatest needs of the community being served.

We help organizations revisit their vision and strategy and translate it into a 3-year strategic roadmap with key milestones and a 1-year operating plan.

Envision is often preceded by our Organization Health Map solution.


A powerful vision backed by a solid plan is only as impactful as the team that executes it.  We help organizations create the right organization structure, with roles that are aligned to strategy execution, backed by clear role descriptions and deliverables.


We walk the last mile with our clients.  Post the creation of a strategic and operating plan, a Phicus Anchor Coach works closely with the leadership team of the organization through regular in-person / skype and telephonic reviews to ensure timely progress towards annual plans and goals.  Based on the need, the Anchor Coach also brings on board relevant Skill Volunteers in areas such as Finance, Risk, Governance, Marketing and Technology to support specific organization needs and serves as the bridge while maintaining custodianship of the organization's plans. 




Post 7 years of organic growth, significant funding for a new program to drive English learning outcomes in middle schools triggered non-linear growth in Headstreams.

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Stocktaking & renewed way forward after 17 years of service

FAME India had organically grown to support children with neuro-developmental disabilities, starting with a school to a vocational center, then a respite home and a learning academy.


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united way.png

vision & plan reinvigoration for purposeful growth

The Bangalore Chapter of United Way had grown organically for 3.5 years.  Feeling the need to more effectively channel CSR monies in their role as a bridge agency, they invited Phicus to support them in this transition.

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