Phicus Organization Capacity Building Case Study


United Way Bengaluru (UWBe) is the city chapter of United Way Global, set up in Bangalore city. It is a channel for both local and global organizations to route their CSR funds to deserving causes and organizations in India.

The organization had been in existence for 3.5 years, at the time Phicus was approached.  Experiencing slow and organic growth over these 3.5 years and seeing a growing opportunity to channel CSR funds in India more meaningfully, the organization felt a need to take stock, plan their future roadmap and grow in a structured manner.

The approach was a stakeholder diagnostic (both internal and external), which would then input into a set of actions to plan the growth journey.

The diagnostic was conducted through meetings with multiple external CSR and government partners, along with key leadership team members, a few board members and the program teams. The external stakeholder focus was to understand their perception of UWBe and its strengths and areas of improvement. The internal stakeholder focus was to understand the organization’s vision, strategy, structure, program design and other key systems and processes.

The way forward post the diagnostic consisted of the following steps:

  1. 3-hour workshop to present the findings of the diagnostic to the leadership and board team

  2. Articulation and agreement of key focus areas for growth

  3. 2 day working session to design the organization structure aligned to the new focus areas, along with key roles’ definition

The organization is steadily making progress towards its vision.  The operating plan is on track.  Leaders are being hired for critical roles.

As part of our ongoing engagement, the Phicus expert is available to the organization to provide advice and support.

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