Varsha Venugopal

Project Manager - Research & Evaluation

Varsha graduated from Michigan State University (Michigan, USA) with a Master’s degree in Child Development, specializing in Early Childhood Education.  Her research interests have largely focused on children’s development from a multi-contextual perspective including interpersonal relations and family environment, language and literacy development in at-risk children, designing educational intervention and assessment tools, educational policy, and curriculum development.  Her master’s thesis explored teachers’ attitudes towards early childhood science educational practices in low income schools.  

With a Bachelor’s in Psychology and another Master’s in Clinical Psychology, Varsha is passionate about working on programs that impact social change across domains. Over the past couple of years, she has worked and interned at several not-for-profit organizations designing and developing social intervention programs, evaluating educational programs, and creating measures for impact assessment.     

At Phicus, Varsha designs program assessment frameworks and undertakes both programmatic and non-programmatic research that supports the organization’s leadership as well as program capacity building solutions. She also hopes to continue to explore an array of applied research opportunities within the social sector.

Varsha spends her free time experimenting in her kitchen using ingredients from her home garden – her latest invention being avocado ice cream. She also enjoys travelling and exploring the great outdoors.

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