As a country, India has ambitious targets vis-a-vis the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of 2030. Myriad players are working towards these goals including the Government, Civil Society Organizations, Funders, Donors and CSR teams of Corporates.

Historically, building the capability and capacity of these players has not been a focus area at all.

Our experience with Aritra, the leadership accelerator program for Impact leaders, has resoundingly demonstrated that leadership development is important and pays rich dividends in terms of impact on development programs, organizations and communities.

To create a significant impact and accelerate progress towards the goals, for the future, we need to build the capacity of these ecosystem players at four levels:


  • Personal and Leadership effectiveness: Focus on augmenting the managerial and leadership capabilities of key players in the ecosystem to deliver impact
  • Program effectiveness: Focus on building capacity in defining, tracking and measuring social progress and social impact at the programmatic level

  • Organizational effectiveness: Focus on building strong, resilient and sustainable organizations through systems, processes and culture which deliver social impact

  • Partnerships & collaborations in the ecosystem: Focus on augmenting partnerships and collaborations through alliance capabilities in the ecosystem to leverage synergies maximally

Presenting Visaara

A layered capacity building solution which simultaneously operates along several vectors:

  • Audience - Young, mid and senior leaders in the impact ecosystem; i.e. from CSOs, Social enterprises, Funders, Donors, Government and CSR
  • Focus areas - Personal, managerial, leadership, program, organizational and partnership capabilities, knowledge and perspectives

  • Approach - Professional development and learning; convening for collaborations and networks; Research to inform policy and practice

  • Methodology - Workshops, webinars, MOOCs, Podcasts, Conferences, local learning and networking events, toolkits and coaching

Partnerships and collaborations are at the core of Visaara - for its content creation, evangelization, usage and propagation. The creators of Aritra, IIM Bangalore, Phicus Social Solutions and Dr. Reddy's Foundation have come together with the immediate aim of bringing on board other partners and collaborators who will form the core team of Visaara to take it forward.


If you would like to partner with us on Visaara, please do reach out to Pavithra Gaikwad at

Call us today on +91 80 4851 2207

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