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Strategy and Structure for Growth


Agents of Ishq is a multi-media digital project that creates materials for comprehensive sexuality education for general audiences as well as trainers, educators and organisations working with youth and women. It also aims to create a larger dialogue between mainstream and alternative views and spaces as a strategy to integrate these spaces and bring visibility to the need and demand for comprehensive sexuality education from stakeholders, and mainstream the conversations about sexual and reproductive health and rights.



AOI was at an inflexion point in its journey and was experiencing a gradual shift from being ‘a project’ to taking on a semi-organizational form. Its current structure was limiting its growth to becoming ‘an organization’, who’s capacity in terms of systems and processes, its strategy and its plans needed to be articulated and institutionalised to keep pace with the rich growth that the creative work of AOI had progressed to. Phicus was brought in to help AOI define its identity and unique positioning, to clarify and consolidate its vision for the future, craft its growth strategy and design an appropriate organization structure to achieve the vision and strategy.



Phicus initiated the engagement with a detailed diagnosis of the current capacities of AOI through conversations with its board members, the team and key members of the AOI community. This was bolstered with secondary research of similar organizations in India and globally, that AOI was inspired by, in the creative contents space that work to further the cause of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights of women and youth.

These inputs were taken into a series of working sessions (online and in-person) with the AOI leadership to craft its vision, its unique proposition and articulate its strategic priorities for the next 3 to 5 years. A detailed operating plan for the first 12-18 months was articulated along with designing the organization’s structure to meet its strategic goals. This included defining the role descriptions of key people and new positions that needed to be brought on board to execute the strategy.



Phicus in its role as a sounding board to the AOI leader, continued its engagement over a 6-month period to support the implementation of the plan.

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