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Creating a senior leadership pipeline for the Social Sector

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Aritra in it’s new avatar is a 6-month leadership journey that mid to senior leaders in the Social Sector traverse while they continue to work in full time jobs.  The Program aims to accelerate these leaders' movement into senior leadership roles.  Aritra equips its Fellows with key organization building skills and perspectives that will help them drive impactful policies, build strong organizations and create a resilient, collaborative network of influence.



Aritra was conceived in partnership with the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) and Dr. Reddy’s Foundation in 2016, as a response to the need for building leader capacities at scale. Phicus, through its experience of working with CSOs (Civil Society Organizations), saw a glaring gap in the quantity and quality of leaders at second line levels within these CSOs. To address this burning need in the sector, Phicus took it upon itself to craft a solution to address this gap. 



89 leaders, across multiple states, spanning both urban and rural areas have participated in Aritra, over 4 batches. In a hybrid format of online and in-person, Aritra leverages multiple methodologies over a 10-day period (spread across 6 months), and includes coaching, guest lectures, panel discussions, IIMB faculty-led classroom sessions and Phicus-facilitated skill building workshops. The programme spans 3 critical spheres of Leadership – Cause, Organizational and Personal, covering a broad range of topics such as models to scale, changing sectoral landscape, fundamentals of macro-economics, collaboration as a route to growth and impact, making sense of organizations, financial sustainability, organization culture, essentials of people management, future ready competencies for leaders, leading responsibly with joy and personal wellness. 


After completing 4 batches and covering 89 leaders, an impact evaluation is being conceived, to measure the impact the programme has had on its participants and their organizations. It is our dream to be able to offer a quality programme of this nature at scale - the foundation for which is currently underway. 

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