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Program & Project Adaptation & Redesign

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Milaan is a not-for-profit organization based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh which seeks to nurture, invest in, and amplify the voices of girls from marginalized backgrounds, especially in India. Their flagship program ‘Girl Icon Fellowship Program’ equips girls with requisite skills, knowledge, and networks for being a leader to break barriers, challenge the status quo, and create a more equitable society.


The Girl Icon Fellowship Program had grown significantly and worked with 100 girls across Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. In 2018, the program intended to cover 500 fellows across these two states, with a pilot in Hubli.


Milaan wanted to rearticulate the ‘why/ philosophy’ of the Girl Icon Fellowship’ along with the entire program design and monitoring and evaluation framework so they can support the massive growth plans over the next 3 years. Phicus entered into an engagement with Milaan to help them with all aspects of Program Design and M&E framework


Phicus’ collaboration with Milaan started with a detailed understanding of the existing program, communities/ girls they work with and experiencing the leadership program. An extensive secondary research was conducted to understand the landscape of the sector and draw learnings from it. Post the data gathering and research phase, Phicus played a key role in helping Milaan rearticulating the philosophy of the girl icon program, theory of change, log framework, leadership framework and the program components.


Phicus designed their 20-day leadership curriculum (spread over 2 years), coaching program, parents’ workshop, peer meeting curriculum, women in network sensitization session and monitoring and evaluation framework. Continuous engagement with the Milaan team to ensure inputs were shared in the conceptualization of program implementation and scaling.


Phicus also conducted a Train the Trainer for the facilitators at Milaan to build their capacity around program implementation as per design.


Phicus continued to support the core team of trainers for program delivery for about a year. 

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