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Catalyzing resilience and impact of communities, changemakers and social impact institutions by augmenting their capabilities

Our Approach

We focus on agency and resilience building of communities, community organizations (COs) and collectives, Civil society organizations (CSOs) and networks of COs-CSOs.  We believe that resilient institutions, led by resilient leaders, drive sustainable development by creating the conditions for communities and societies to adapt, recover, and thrive in the face of challenges. Developing the institutional and leadership capacities of key grassroot agencies that support community development (i.e. CSOs, COs and Gram Panchayats) and ensuring ongoing support to these institutions and leaders leads to agency and resilience which in turn foster empowered, thriving, resilient growth.

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Our Impact

We are fueled by our dream - to touch 1000 million lives around the world.  


We are anchored in our ethos of co-creation, collaboration and taking a systems view.


we are powered by incredible partners and well wishers who share our dream of making our world a better place.

Our Logo

For our next phase of growth, we have chosen the spiral or helix shape as our motif.  The helix is one of the most popular symbols of resilience. From galaxies and every living organism’s DNA to sunflowers, the shells of nautilus and snails, seahorses, vine tendrils, ferns, the horns of certain animals, and even our fingerprints, they all have a spiral as their primary structure.  It is symbolic of strength, resilience and stability.

We have amalgamated this within a circle which is the most ubiquitous shape symbolizing perpetuity, seamlessness, harmony, simplicity and oneness.  It is also the shape of our planet!

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Our History

Phicus was set up with the dream of helping social impact organizations to grow and scale, in 2012.  We began our journey by building capacities of organizations and networks in the health and education spaces.  Initially, we focused only on deep engagements with individual organizations or small cohorts as this helped us immersively understand the communities that were served by our clients.

Over these years, we have worked with organizations of all sizes, ranging from a 3-member CO to organizations with over 1000 employees.  We have worked with individual organizations as well as with cohorts of organizations (60+ COs and CSOs), networks and leaders, across agriculture, livelihoods, rights, education, health, disability and community development. 

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Our Clients
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