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Powering Institutions, Collectives and Changemakers
to amplify social

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Our Purpose

Impact is all about people... In the community, in enabling organizations.  Our mission is to build the capability of Changemakers in the impact eco-system to create and amplify social impact.

We work with Changemakers in CSOs, Foundations, Corporates, Social Enterprises, Government and Communities, across domains, to build their capability, strengthen key systems, processes and programs, foster collaborations and augment impact measurement.

Our Approach

Social impact is many things… It is complex. It weaves through multiple issues and people.  It is a moving target.  It requires systemic effort.  Our mission is to work with Changemakers who are bravely striving towards this dream of ‘Social Impact’.

All our work starts with the most critical question – ‘who are you delivering impact for?’, ‘Who is your customer, your community?’. 


We leverage Six Levers to Power Changemakers to bolster capability - these include people focused interventions and solutions as well as more structural support by way of enabling systems and processes.

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Inspired by mandalas which mean 'circle' and reflect connectedness

Our Impact

We are humbled by the positive ripple effect our work has created.  Through the Changemakers we have worked with, we have been able to impact the lives of millions!


What fuels us? A fervent desire to make our world a better place... to build bridges... to make a difference.


What helps us in our journey? A strong belief in and commitment to collaboration, a co-creation approach, a systems perspective backed by oodles of resilience and spurred by a plethora of champions, ambassadors and well wishers! 

Our Clients
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