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In this section, we present a few case studies of recent projects; these have been broadly classified based on the audience they have been aimed at - COs / CSOs, Networks, collectives and cohorts of organizations, leaders and finally, solutions we have designed for communities.

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CO / CSO Institution Building Showcases

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Phicus supported the capacity building of all key staff at PANI to help them, in turn, equip the Community Resource Person (CRP) to achieve her goal of becoming an agri-water entrepreneur. Our work spanned training design, facilitation, and design of key people-related systems and processes. 

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Phicus assisted PRADAN in crafting its transformation agenda of creating a new model of sustainable agriculture by building a cadre of village based para agro-economists, through re-design of their program and central team structure and processes.

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Agents of Ishq

Phicus helped AOI prepare itself to transform from an ‘initiative’ to an ‘organization’, through an articulation of its vision and strategic roadmap.

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Network/ Collective/ Cohort Support Showcases

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Community Action Collab & Shilp

Phicus partnered with Community Action Collaborative (CAC) to design and implement an Institution and Leader Resilience journey for the most marginalised communities in India.

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Growald Climate Fund

Phicus is an Organization Development partner to Growald’s grantee partners across the globe and helps them craft their business plans for growth

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Leader Capability Building Showcases

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Phicus helped craft a Leadership Development Journey for the second line leaders at HAQDARSHAK, to equip them to take on roles of higher responsibility, in the context of upcoming ambitious goals of the organization.

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Phicus as a lead partner and architect of Aritra along with the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), conducts an annual leadership accelerator program for mid-career professionals in the impact sector.

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Community Capacity Building Showcases

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Milaan Foundation

We partnered with Milaan to redesign their Girl Icon Program.  We also designed the training program (complete with content, toolkits and other resources) for the Girl Icons and built the capability of the internal team to deliver this upskilling program.

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Phicus’ mascot for Agency Building and a channel for behaviour change, Sahuri, empowers diverse communities through engaging and context-relevant information nuggets. 

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